About Us

Graphicsmaxx been around for a few years.It is an expansion of our other online site to make it easier to search for the item that you are looking and wanting to buy.All order is a pre-order.We make them when you order and pay for it,so we don't offer returns on item because of wrong color or you mistakenly order.We will comprehend if we are the one at fault for sending you wrong item or wrong color.

Graphicsmaxx offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.Our business always offer honesty because we believe being honesty to our customer they will have a confidence to do business with us.We also encourage dealers for any item.If you have a business that needs decal and want us to do it for you to get less price then email us and let us know how can we help you as like you helping us.

All decal is ship from Asia which takes 2- 4 weeks to arrive at your address. Please bear with us.

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